August People’s Network Online – Adult Social Care and You

We care about adult social care services. To help make support better for everyone, we want to hear your views.

As the country responds to COVID-19, you can help your local adult social care services to provide the best support possible in your community, by sharing your experiences of care during the pandemic.

For our August People’s Network we have teamed up with Dudley Council for a friendly online conversation to ask:

  • Have you been shielding during the pandemic? What has worked well for you with your care and support needs?
  • Have you been looking after someone who receives support at home from paid carers? Have you noticed a difference?
  • Do you have a friend or a relative who lives in a local care home? How have you been keeping in touch?
  • Do you have a disability or care for someone who has? Have you been able to get the support you need during the COVID-19 emergency?
  • Do you use an alarm or other telecare services provided by Dudley Council? What was your experience during lockdown?
  • Have you, or a family member been discharged from hospital during the pandemic and needed extra care or support? Has this worked?
  • Have you had to go out to work when someone else in your household has been shielding? How has this felt?

Picture of a person in a wheelchair taking to a standing person with quotes saying: Almost three quarters of people say they have noticed changes in their health and social care during the coronavirus emergency. #BecauseWeAllCare

If you have had a good experience we want to hear about it so other services can learn from what has worked well. If something wasn’t right, we want to hear your ideas for how things can improve.

Put the kettle on and join us, your views can make a difference!

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